Windows editor for SSI Peoples General files. Peoples General


  • Campaign editor
  • Scenarios (but not Saved Games) editor
  • Equipment editor
  • Map definition files editor (no graphics)
  • Browser to see scenarios & maps included on campaigns while checking if any files are missing.
  • Viewer to see picture icons and maps

Game SetsEdit

  • Can create campaigns & scenarios from scratch
  • Cam import and export from PG2 scenarios & equipments
  • True picture map and units icons while editing scenarios.
  • Easy purchase, deploy units on scenario editor
  • Can move units just dragging to a new position

Can convert directly SHP files to S16. I does by checking on PG2'a MAP folder and updating PeG's MAP folder with any map not existing. And it does not need any further tool to do it.

External linkEdit

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