PeG Dat Tool by Luis Guzmán

is the latest Peoples General tool to help on editing PeG Dat file (usually modgen.dat)


  • Can create a PeG DAT files repacking all S16 files on a folder
  • Can unpack any DAT file (not need to name it MODGEN)
  • Can extract S16 files from DAT to disk.
  • Can remove any S16 file from DAT.
  • Can replace any S16 file into a DAT with an external S16 file..
  • Can add external S16 file into DAT file (one or several files at a time)

All those features without needing to unpacking / repacking

  • Can view any S16 icon as normal, as zoomed X2, X3, X4, X5 or as collage (same as Fred's tool).
  • Can save any S16 as BMP, as single icon or as collage.
  • Can be used to show all S16 files in a folder as it they were packed into a DAT.
  • Can report all S16 files to a report text
  • Can compare to a report differences with another DAT file.

Also includes a S16 Tool featuring:

  • Can create a new S16 reading a single icon BMP (creates a 1 icon S16)
  • Can Append new icon reading a BMP
  • Can Insert a new icon reading a BMP
  • Can Remove any icon from a S16 file

This features allow making any S16 file, once you have drawn the icons with an external graphics and have saved as BMP (8,16, 24 or 32 bits allowed)

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