Peoples General Map Converter Tool by Luis Guzmán

Most people think that converting PG2 maps pictures to Peoples S16 format is tricky or tedious, and although some good solutions have been made by Mark Kirby - the first on doing a batch converter - and later Robert Devore and others, here it is an eaiser tool to do it without editing nanually a set of lines into an script.

This tool can convert all Shp files found in a folder, allocating converted S16 files on another folder within a windows interface.

Two releases are provided:

  • 1.03 release is a wrapper program using Fred Chlanda MS-DOS tools. This allows to convert any Shp file into a S16 one maps or icons.
  • 1.20 does not use any external tol, but it can only handle picture map Shp files, not icon files.

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