PG2 party 1st

From the first party

PG2 party 2nd

From the second party

PG2 party 3rd

From the third party

PG2 Party. An occasion where some members of the PG2 Community got together to eat, drink, see the local sights and also to play PG2. To date three PG2 Parties and one PG2 Mini-party has been held.

Parties HeldEdit

  • v1.0, Östersund, Sweden, 10th-14th July 2002
  • v1.5 mini, Vangede, Denmark, November 2002
  • v2.0, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 2003
  • v3.0, Stephensville, Wisconsin, USA, May 2004

Parties to be heldEdit

  • v4.0, The fate of this party is yet to be known, but rest assured, that it will occur sometime,somewhere,when you least expect it!

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