Oronzo is a creator, conceptual developer and modder of the computer simulation PZII. The Oronzo Pz2-R2 file was worked on between 1997-2002. Oronzo is one of the original pioneer designers and content creators of one of the first historically detailed user made equipment files to achieve widespread popularity.

He revolutionized the game mechanics and created the 3rd original Equipment File to reach a widespread audience - basing the file on historical research/accuracy and increased game engine performance.

His file included new original graphics,game mechanic engineering,and new sound effects.

He was the first to implement several technical Game engine concepts:

* Creation of the R2 range dynamic.Leading to more dynamic A.I.

* Creation of the Aerial R4-3d environment dynamic.

* Creation of new graphic renderings

* Reduced airplane movement-corresponding to an average of MPH divided by max range of the aircraft.

* Odds removal for realism.

* R1 reduced sights for armor.

* Towed artillery movement of 1, to increase the computer's A.I. capability.

* Increased historical units-with researched linguistic native terminology- focus on minor powers.

* New graphics and sound files added

* Minor powers/nations researched and added

The current efile is downloadable at: