Lasse Jensen, 1992

Lasse Jensen, a Dane, is one of the cornerstones of the Panzer General II community. In the early years he was instrumental in developing editing tools and researching the file specifications of the various Panzer General 2 files.

If not for Lasse Jensen, there would not be much of a mod community for Panzer General II.

Lasse Jensen created the extra scenario editor, a campaign editor, a scenario terrain namer and various other useful tools. He is also the original creator of the DatUp graphics upgrade and the Builders Paradise +Pay to Play+ efile. He also created order out of chaos among the maps and icons back when there was no structure in the PG2 community. For a long time, he hosted the most extensive map page, and his tools site is still the best one around.

Since Lasse is sent abroad for long durations because of his job in the Danish Army, his work has recently been eclipsed by other tool makers such as Progi and Luis Guzmán.

We all hope that Lasse will return safely from his assignments, and remain one of the pillars of the PG2 community.