JP's Panzers, is a not-for-profit on-line community for fans of military history games and topics.

Short historyEdit

JP's Panzers was created by Johan "JP" Pieterse and Joel "Whoopy-Cat" Illian in August, 2000. Initially focusing on SSI's Panzer General II (a.k.a. PG2), which was followed shortly by a section dedicated to Panzer General 3 (PG3), JP's Panzers has grown considerably since then and now encompasses a number of different games, topics, and sub-communities. Although most of the featured games at JP's are TBS (turn-based strategy) games, more recent additions have included games of various other genres. Since the focus of the community has always been on games with a basis in military history (or future), JP's Panzers also features a great deal of information and discussion on various military, historical, and geo-political topics.

Most of the original members learned of JP's Panzers and/or knew each other from the now-defunct ClubSSI PG2 Forum which had previously been one of the premier places on the web to discuss the game. Upon founding his own PG2 community, JP Pieterse cemented his already important status in the on-line PG2 community with the likes of Lasse Jensen, creator of the PG2 Builders Paradise site and BP forums.

Originally JP's Panzers was first and foremost a website[1] that also had a forum that served as the interactive portion of the community. Nowadays, however, the JP's Panzers Forum are essentially synonymous with the term "JP's Panzers", although the JP's Panzers website does still exist and is still maintained by the current ownership.

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