For God, Tsar, and Motherland aka FGTM. A campaign by Toliy.


Information Edit

  • Version 1 (not yet released)
  • Covers the period from 1904-1917
  • Jan 10, 2007
  • Requires the Baltic_Efile

History Edit

"The Russian colossus exercised a spell upon Europe" - The Guns of August

This campaign covers Russian participation in two conflicts of the 20th century: the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 and WWI. The former war presented many lessons about waging modern war: many of them to be overlooked until blood began to spill. At the outbreak of WWI, Russia's peasant army represented a bottomless well of manpower reserves, with only a slow mobilization schedule holding it from overrunning her enemies outright. The opening year of the war saw massive armies of men engaged in a battle of maneuver with casualties running into hundreds of thousands by September. As the Western Front froze into entrenched positions, the campaigns of maneuver continued in the East. The front only settled briefly in the winter, to be shattered by a Central Powers' breakthrough offensive in 1915. The year of 1916 saw the frontier stabilized into lines of trenches: in places very porous along a vastly longer front. Launching a truly successful offensive in the summer of 1916, Russia's tragic role in the war approached victory: only to be snatched away by internal turmoil. Suffering staggering losses in the war, pressured by civil unrest, and manipulated by the Bolsheviks, Russia signed a separate peace with Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey on March 3, 1918.

Experience the development of a modern army, as you participate in the early conflict with Japan. As the Russian army reorganizes, you will march to war against Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey in a series of yearly paths you may choose as you progress through the campaign.

Notes Edit

The Version 1.0 release is not the complete campaign: it only covers the battles through the year 1915. This ambitious project has involved significant time devoted to research, so it makes sense to release the work in blocks.

FGTM Scenarios Edit


see charts at right

FGTM map list Edit

RJW path

  • luzon
  • cape gloucester
  • ulan-ude
  • ekaterinburg

path selection

  • europe (eurodf mapfile)

East Prussia 1914 path

  • oboyan
  • tannenberg
  • lodzn
  • lodz

Galicia 1914 path

  • ebro
  • russian plains
  • przemysl
  • teruel

North Poland 1915 path

  • osowiec (osowiecr mapfile)
  • bobruisk
  • novogeorgievsk
  • kursk2
  • kaunas
  • vilnius

Galicia 1915 path

  • dukla
  • colmar
  • talavera
  • gorlice
  • przemysl
  • mullhouse
  • kharkov

Kavkaz path

  • sarykamysh

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