"Armygroupdf" which is usually cut short to "DF". He is one of the most active campaign designers. He is most likely known for starting the most campaigns ever, but only finishing a few of them as we speak.

He joined the community in the summer of 2002 and there became a full modder. He has made maps, scenarios and campaigns.

His first published campaign, Turkish Campaign 1939-1943, was an hypotetical campaign. There would follow more hypotetical campaign but currently he seems more focused on building historical campaigns. More over, his Dutch Campaign 1940-1945 has been played as Campaign Challenge #21 at JP's Panzers.

AGDF's publications at the moment for PG2:Edit

  • Turkish Campaign 1939-1943
  • German Gibraltar Campaign 1941-1943
  • Dutch Campaign 1940-1945
  • Fall Gruen 1938
  • Austrian Campaign 1938
  • Bogor Map
  • Merauke Map
  • Suchumi Map
  • Novorossiysk Map
  • Operation Husky Stand-Alone Scenario

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