Datup. For most equipment files you will need a graphic update. All graphic for Panzer General II is found in the big file Panzer2.dat.

Since it seems somewhat hard for new people, to PGII, to add new graphic (doing it with the Fred Chlanda tool), Lasse Jensen has made an icon upgrade. It's simply a program that requires you to locate the Panzer2.dat file and it does the rest for you. This program adds all the graphics to the Panzer2.dat file. It does not add ANY equipment files - ONLY the graphics.

The Datup has now been split in two, due to the ever increasing size. Part I and Part II. Part I will remains as it is now, and will not change until Part II reaches its size, - which will hopefully be a while - but you never know with these icon dudes :). So you will have to download Part I only one time, and whenever the Datup gets modified you will need to download Part II, which will be the one that changes.

Part I is a full 43mb Panzer.dat file, containing 5000+ icons. Part II is an update and works only on a Part I panzer2.dat file. - there is currently no available Datup Part II


  • Taken from Builder's Paradise, with some English grammar editing