This is an index for all PG2 tools available. They are grouped by the web site where they are hosted.

Steve Brown * PG2 Mods Clearing HouseEdit

URL: PG2 Mods Clearing House 21:11, April 27, 2010 (UTC)Equipment Editor by Carl Johan Ankerstjerne (aka Progi)Edit

latest version 4.0.2 - 1813KB

Panzer2.dat-Tool v3.0.1 by Carl-Johan AnkerstjerneEdit

This tool allows you to view and change your PANZER2.DAT, and now has extra functionality for unpacking and repacking MODGEN.DAT (for People's General). 1971KB.

Map Tool by Carl Johan AnkerstjerneEdit

v1.2.0 - This tool converts .bmp files to .shps (including splitting the .bmp up), it also has an easy-to-use graphical interface for making .map files, contains PaintShop Pro and Adobe Photoshop palettes and also instructions to convert 24-bit .bmps to 8-bit (which is necessary to use the Map Tool properly). This a wonderful and amazingly useful tool for map makers that replaces a number of other utilities - 1980KB.

Campaign Editor by Carl Johan Ankerstjerne (aka Progi)Edit

v3.2.0 -This is an updated version of Progi's campaign editor - 1645KB.

PGII Prototype Helper by "Tiny Rodent"Edit

This "cheat" utility ensures you always get a prototype after a Brilliant Victory - 17KB

Flags/Dossier Switcher v1.1b by Leonid UsachovEdit

This tool switches Dossier & Flag graphics in your panzer2.dat for different Equipment Files - 6.9MB (v1.1b dated May 13, 2005 - adds new graphics for v3.9+ of Pacific Equipment File)

PG2 Equipment Editor by David BirdEdit

version 1.8 (dated December, 2004) - This is an equipment editor designed to be used with MS Excel. (English version - 122KB)

Luis Guzmán * Tools PageEdit

URL: Luis's Tools Page

PG2 Suite - by Luis GuzmanEdit

is the most complete windows integrated editor available both in English and Spanish. It is a combined scenario, campaign, saved game, equipment and map editor with a very friendy interface, showing units icons and true picture maps when editing.
It has full functionality for all the new features in the unofficial v2.x + patches.
It includes a Browser to see scenarios & maps needed on campaigns, checking for any missing file. There is also a Viewer to see picture icons and maps. Allows many batch proccess to make globals changes on equipment items (filtered by any criteria) units, maps and even for a full campaign. Allows exporting and importing, unis from a scenario into another or between e-files.
Luis updates as often as necesary including everyday new features.

Programer's Dat Tool 3.1.1 betaEdit

This is the lastest pre-release of the wonderful tool from Progi. It allows to extract & replace single S16 files into modgen.dat (without npacking/repacking).
It is not a full installable package, so you need to have installed a previous release to work ( you can get it from Steve's Clearinghouse)


VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility streamlined for fast linear operations over video. It has batch-processing capabilities for processing large numbers of files and is mainly geared toward processing AVI files, although it can read (not write) MPEG-1 and BMP images. VirtualDub


Nice tool to check your audio & video codecs. GSpot

Vladimir Medelyan * ThunderboltEdit

URL: Thunderbolt

Campaign Reporter v 3.5Edit

PBEM Campaign Converter v 3.1blitzkriegEdit

Icon Viewer v 1.6Edit

Two -> Four scenario converter v 2.2Edit

EFile Icon Viewer v 1.6Edit

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Fred Chlanda * Program PageEdit

URL: Fred's Program Page


DOS programs to unpack and repack the shp files for Panzer General 2 so that images can be edited with ShpEd. Also in the archive are 2 useful PG2 palette files for ShpEd.


makes standard bitmaps from SSI shp files so that you can edit them. It also reconverts them to shp files so they can be used in the games. Shp files are used in all of the 5-star games except Allied General, in the Steel Panthers series, Panzer General 2  and Age of Rifles. The latest version is 0.50 which now includes direct shp file to shp file transfers. Download(494k)

UnShp DOS UtilityEdit

will extract all of the images in a shp file into Windows bmp format.


will convert a series of bmp files into a shp file.


is useful or fixing headers for SteelPanthers files generated by Makshp. Version 0.3 handles 800x600 images, up to 5000 icons and fixes some bugs. Download(91k)

Fred's Record Viewer - FRVEdit

32-bit MS-Windows (tm) program designed to supplement a standard hex editor, not replace it. It is designed mainly to assist in viewing binary files with a regular structure. It has inimal editing features. FRV shows files in two ways. As a two dimensional structure, useful for viewing fixed length data structures and as three dimensional structures good for viewing maps. Several display options such as hexadecimal, decimal, or mixed ASCII and hexadecimal are available. In addition, ranges can be set to be displayed in a separate panel as ASCII text. To help locate particular data, certain values or ranges can be displayed in a highlighted mode. A calculator supporting both hexadecimal and decimal input and results is included. Some powerful search options and a color coded file visualization mode are also available. For frequently viewed files, a configuration file which will be loaded on startup containing standard settings and field labels can be written. There are provisions made for formatted output to the clipboard for importing into a text editor. Data blocks can be saved and loaded in CSV format for manipulation in spreadsheets. A limited file comparison function is also available. Download (365k)

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Lasse Jensen * Builders Paradise Tools for PG2Edit

URL: Builders Paradise Tools for PG2

PGII Extra Scenario Editor v1.38 by Lasse JensenEdit

PGII Scenario map namer v1.00 by Lasse JensenEdit

PGII Campaign Maker v1.41 by Lasse JensenEdit

PGII Sound Converter v1.00 by Lasse JensenEdit


Panzer2.dat re-packer v1.02 by Lasse JensenEdit

Panzer2.dat Flag quick shifter v1.00 by Lasse JensenEdit

PeG to PGII Map converter v1.00 by Lasse JensenEdit

Sound Converter v1.00 by Lasse JensenEdit

PGII Scenario unit checker v? by Leonid UsachovEdit

PGII map tool by Leonid UsachovEdit

PGII Scenario Converter v1.0 by Carl AnkerstjerneEdit

PGII Terrain checker v2.00 by Carl AnkerstjerneEdit

PGII Mel/Mus player by Carl AnkerstjerneEdit

Goldwave v4.26 & 5.04 by Goldwave Inc.Edit

Instructions to Convert MEL/MUS - WAV with GoldwaveEdit

PGII Campaign Editor v0.2.0 by Stefano FerrariEdit

Delta Equipment Editor v.beta1 by M. HamdiEdit

PGII Equipment stat calc by Ted van EckEdit

PGII Shp Extractor by Erik TanEdit

PGII Map Maker v0.30 by Charles TysonEdit

Hex Workshop by Breakpoint SoftwareEdit

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