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At the outbreak of WW1, Australia and New Zealand pledged troops to help Mother England in her war effort. The convoy left Australia and played "Cat & Mouse" with the German raider Emden across the Indian Ocean. After sailing thru the Suez Canal they received news that there was no accomadation in England for them and so they were disembarked in Alexandria.

At this time the Eastern front was in danger of collapse and Russia on the brink of a rout. The Turkish army had invaded thru Armenia so Russia sent out a plea to her allies for supplies and a deversionary attack to relieve the pressure. The supply route to the Black Sea ran along the Turkish coast up the Dardanelles and past Constantinople(now known as Istanbul).

Protecting the Dardanelle strait the Turks had formidible coastal guns which withstood a naval bombardment. A seabourne invasion was planned to neutalize the guns and allow the Royal Navy to steam up the straits and attack Constantinople thus forcing a Turkish surrender.

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The original campaign by Doug Hone was an original idea to combine battles from both World Wars into a single campaign. I have taken the WWI part for this conversion. I hope you will like the variety of units found in the Baltic Efile in this campaign!

In comparison with the original campaign, I have completely redesigned Damascus and added a new scenario: Messines Ridge. Please refer to the campaign path image attached for flow of battles.

I hope you will enjoy this campaign! Of course, I would like to add that in no way does the creation of this campaign coinside with my political views and that I do not wish to promote the horrors of war and militant ideology with this work!

ANZAC WWI Scenarios Edit


see chart at right

ANZAC WWI map list Edit

  • Aghelia [middle east section]
  • Amiens [europe section]
  • Anzac Cove [europe section]
  • Arract [europe section]
  • Biak [indonesia section]
  • Damascus [middle east section]
  • El Arish [middle east section]
  • Europe [europe section] (note: use the EURODF.MAP file)
  • Jerusalem67 [middle east section]
  • LaMatz [europe section]
  • Messina [europe section]
  • 00378 - Messines Ridge [europe section]
  • Remagen [europe section]

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